Craig Mullins


My name is Craig Mullins, I've been working in animation for 4 years.

Since graduating I’ve animated on projects such as Golden Pages adverts, educational software for children with HMH and was a character animator on the series ‘Bottler’ for tv3 with the studio Treehouse Republic. I also have experience working in video games as a director and animator. My most recent work was as animator and character/enemy designer for Doomcube on the Game Lep's World 4.

I'm a 2D Character Animation and Character Design Specialist and have experience with Film Design (cinematography, storyboarding, layout etc.) and Directing.

I have work experience with After Effects, Flash, TV Paint, Premiere and Photoshop.

I also have personal work experience with Cel Action, Cartoon Boom and the game development engines Unity and Construct 2.

I’m very dedicated and enthusiastic about learning animation and improving my skills.

If you'd like to keep up with my work I update an art blog here -

Art Blog -