Mockup Fishing Game Project

The initial shape exploration. I wanted to focus on curves and round objects

The colours of the world above the water could be quite saturated and still work as they would not be onscreen for long. The underwater world in comparison is quite deep and rich in colour

Finished Assets

Finished Assets

Finished Assets

Finished Assets

Splash effect exploration

The fish designs were interesting challenges as they would each need to be unique, recognizable and readable on a possible small mobile/tablet screen

More Fish

Player Character development

Player Character development

Player Character Final versions, I chose the right version as the final

1st Level Mockup.

It is a bit cluttered but it was a test to see how the final assets I had developed so far would work in-game

Simple Menu Mockup

Possible Ice-Fishing Level or sliding minigame

Possible Above-Water section of levels

Underwater Mockup. Many of the final fish designs can be seen here


Mockup Fishing Game Project – Development

A challenge to concept and develop the visual design for a tablet/mobile/pc fishing game.

From beginning to end you can see the chronological development of the game. I first focused on developing the shapes, colours and other visual rules that would be applied throughout the process.

I wanted the fish and player character to be comical and colourful and, hopefully, memorable.

I aimed for a clean, bold and brightly coloured finish to make the game whimsical and approachable.